From 1928 to now…

The first Haines Public Library was started by the Haines Women’s Club. It was located in a 12′ X 12′ building at the Alaska Steamship Office. Later, on May 22, 1931, the Haines Women’s Club incorporated under the title of “The Haines Library Association” and purchased a 12′ X 25′ frame house on Main Street. This building is now at the Chilkoot Cultural Camp. By 1957 it was time to expand once again. The Haines Women’s Club purchased land and with the help of many volunteers built a new library, opening officially in August 1958.

The Haines Borough accepted responsibility for the operation of the library as part of the educational system of the valley in the early 1970’s. Two additions, funded by grants through the Alaska Department of Education, Division of Libraries and Museums, were built in 1979 and in 1987. This building now houses the Haines Borough’s administrative offices.