Early Literacy Stations

The library features three AWE Early Literacy Stations

Each is loaded with fun educational software, see below for a complete list:

Arthur’s Birthday

Interactive Storybook

Updated Wanderful e-book version of this Arthur classic about social skills such as sharing, compromise, and understanding.


Arthur’s Teacher trouble

Interactive Storybook

Updated Wanderful e-book version of this Arthur classic about social skills such as sharing, compromise, and understanding.


Bailey’s Book House

Early Language

Contains seven easy-to-use early language activities with speech and graphics. Great introduction to letter sounds and words.


Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight

Interactive Storybook

Revamped e-book from Wanderful about this classic family focuses on conflict resolution.


Britannica Children’s Learning Suite

Multiple Learning Activities

Take an exciting journey with learning games, challenging activities, homework help, world atlas, historical timelines, photos, videos, audio clips, and virtual tours.


Britannica Elementary and Student Encyclopedia


Take a journey with learning games, activities, homework help, timelines, maps, photos, videos and virtual tours.




Use Click! to take photos using the built-in webcam (specific hardware), then import those photos into a number of programs.


ClueFinders 3rd-4th Grade Adventures 

Multiple Learning Activities

Go on adventures by following clues and solving puzzles based on math, reading, science and geography.


Diego’s Safari Rescue

Learning Activities

Help Diego save the African elephants of the Serengeti from an evil magician while learning about animals on the savannah, counting, colors, shapes, patterns, and native culture.


Fingertapps Instruments Band


Great collaborative music program with multi-touch capabilities.


Fingertapps Instruments Solo


Great music program with multi-touch capabilities. Play and record music and mix sounds.


Fingertapps Jelly Jigsaw

PreK Activities

Great puzzle program with multi-touch capabilities. Solve puzzles featuring 6, 12, or 18 tiles with friends or solo.


Fingertapps Paint


Creative art title with multi-touch capabilities.


Fingertapps Sky Writer

Early Language

Great PreK program with multitouch capabilities. Learn to count and draw numbers from 1 to 9.


Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Early Learning/Socialization

Learn school-essential physical, social, and early academic skills with the PreK pair of Jill and Joey.


Giggles My Musical World / Giggles ABCs and 123s / Nursery Rhymes

Early Learning

Very visually appealing programs that are great for very young learners. My Musical World features all kinds of musical elements. Keyboard turns into any instrument! Nursery Rhymes includes 14 classic tales.


Gingerbread Man

Interactive Storybook

The classic tale about a precocious cookie receives a fresh new treatment from Yellow Door. Reading, writing, and creativity.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Interactive Storybook

The classic tale receives a fresh new e-book treatment from Yellow Door. Facilitates reading, writing, and creativity.


Harry and the Haunted House

Interactive Storybook

Revamped e-book from Wanderful about Harry and his friends searching a whimsical haunted house for a lost baseball.


Help Me 2 Learn Letters


Learn all about the alphabet with a focus on letter sounds and an introduction to phonics.


Help Me 2 Learn Numbers


Focused on number identification to 30, counting, and introducing basics of addition and subtraction.


Boy Who Cried Wolf, Buckle my Shoe, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Three Little Pigs

Interactive Storybooks

These classic tales get an updated, interactive treatment courtesy of Speakaboos. Story text is highlighted, words are pronounced, there is hidden content on every page, and so much more.


JumpStart Advanced 1st grade

Multiple Learning Activities

Beloved program includes 10 activities that teach math, reading, science, and more. Includes tutorial assistance for struggling kids.


JumpStart Advanced Toddler

Early Learning Activities

In Grandma Duck’s magical garden, children discover original songs and eight activities that introduce numbers, shapes, colors, and more.


Kid Pix 3D


This time-tested favorite now features eye-popping, 3D graphics and easy-path animation.


Know Your USA / Know Your World


Learn about the geography (from cities to rivers) of the USA and the world from an in-depth series of maps, quizzes, and puzzles.


Krazy Art Room


A rare, magical program full of great special effects. Easy-to-use art and creativity center captures the power of interactive media.


La Casa de Dora

Multiple Learning Activities

Explore virtually every primary curricular area as you explore the rooms of Dora’s house and play soccer against Boots.

Libre Office: Calc, Draw, Impress, Writer

Productivity & Creativity

Learn lifetime computer skills within these applications based on word processing (Writer), spreadsheet manipulation (Calc), presentation creation (Impress), and illustration authoring (Draw).


Little Monster at School

Interactive Storybook

Follow Little Monster through a full school day of ABCs, counting, science, music, art, and making a new friend in this Wanderful e-book.


Math Arena


Genius math app that teaches advanced math concepts while facilitating collaborative learning and healthy competition.


Math Blaster 5-7


Eight entertaining math activities cover concepts all the way from basic addition and subtraction to measurement and even Mancala.


Math Doodles


Count money, tell time, learn fractions, and solve problems as part of this engaging, inventive math program. Even algebra is covered.


Merriam Webster Dictionary


The premiere Student Dictionary and Thesaurus. Multiple language translations.


Millie’s Math House


Explore numbers, shapes, patterns, addition, and subtraction in this educational staple.


Miss Humblebee’s Academy

PreK Activities

An immersive, comprehensive, sequential PreK program covering all subject areas.


MusiCan 1

Music & Sound

This active listening program offers a “world of sound.” Includes sing-alongs, the sounds of a farm, sporting events, a busy town, and more.


Musican 2-3

Music & Sound

Uses animation, visual cues, audio tracks, repetition, songs, and role-play to introduce pitch, beat, dynamics, timbre, rhythm, and timing.


Musican 4-5

Music & Sound

Investigate music styles, instruments, melodies, notation, and structures. Helps kids develop appraising, composing, and performing skills.


My Amazing Human Body


Entertaining introduction to the human body led by a humorous skeleton. Covers the skeleton, organs, and body systems.


Photo Kit Junior


Lots of activities using photos, art work, and writing. Create your own slideshow with captions and music.


Reader Rabbit Learn to Read with Phonics

Early Language

Learn to recognize and sound out words, build vocabulary, improve memory, develop concentration, and more.


Reader Rabbit Toddler

Early Reading

Toddlers learn by observing and exploring the world around them, discovering numbers, letters, shapes, and sounds.


Sammy’s Science House


Introduces early science and thinking skills: classify animals, sequence movies, adjust weather conditions, and observe wild life.


Science Ecpress: Life Processes and Physical Processes


Learn how and where animals live in Life Processes. With Physical Processes, dig into the world of physical science.


Sesame Street – Learn, Play, and Grow

Early Learning

Robust title for ages 2–4 features 25 activities based on language development, counting, music, art, and shape recognition.


Space and the Universe


Land the lunar module, explore the stars in a virtual planetarium, and enjoy all things outer space in this outrageously robust title from Dorling Kindersley.




Easy to use open-source calculator application includes advanced Math Book feature.


SpongeBob SquarePants Typing


Become Bikini Bottom’s best typist by helping SpongeBob master a series of typing-based games.


Stationary Studio


Kids write stories, reports, letters, and create illustrations with this award-winning handwriting and computer graphics program.


Thinkin’ Things: Toony the Loon’s Lagoon

Problem Solving

Six activities build logical thinking skills like compare and contrast, hypothesize and test, create and discern, and analyze and predict.


Trudy’s Time and Place House

Multiple Activities

Focuses on time and geography skills. Inside Trudy the Alligator’s main room, children choose from five engaging activities.


Tux Paint


Create your own art with this award-winning, open source gem.


USA Explorer


Learn U.S. geography, visiting interesting locations and landmarks, as you track down Joe across the 50 states.


Volcanic Paint


Compete against other players or the computer in this 3-D boardgame-style math challenge with a volcanic eruption imminent—rescue awaits only the winner!


World Explorer


This time, the search for Joe is worldwide. Explore 40 scrolling map scenes, 600 information screens, 16 videos, 19 journeys, and five games in this riveting introduction to geography.


World of Goo

Physics/Problem Solving

Solve an increasingly more difficult set of challenges with constructions of “goo” featuring varying characteristics in this wildly popular game based on simple physics and problem solving.